Tue 1/26: The Willie Waldman Project and LBC Sublime Tribute

Jan 26, 2010 by

Tonight’s concert options include a collaboration group of  improv specialists at Three20South, a Sublime Tribute at Sandbar or you can always check out the local talent at shows in Vail and Steamboat.

For the local talent, head off to Ghost Ranch Saloon in Steamboat for Jebus, a five person band that has been jamming together for the last five years. Made up of disparate influences and equally diverse personalities, Jebus comes together twice a week to bend time, improv jam in iambic pentameter, and drink beer.

At Samana, an offshoot of local bluegrass and rock stars, calling themselves The Laughing Bones Trio continue their Tuesday night residency. Not only will these guys entertain you with rousing renditions of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead, but you can get Jameson shots for $3 while they’re playing.

And how many cover bands can say they’ve played to a crowd of 50,000 before? LBC, the Sublime tribute playing at Vail’s Sandbar tonight can. LBC (otherwise known as Sublime Pimps) started in 2002 and will never end. Carrying on the legacy of Sublime, LBC was created by the one and only Q-Ball in his home town, Long Beach, California. He recruited Chris Chamberlain on drums and Kenny Lamb on vocals/guitar. The LBC has dominated the globe, touring the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico and South Pacific, selling out concerts up to 50,000 people but not forgetting the small clubs on the way. The LBC is “it”…there is no other band on the planet serving up the songs of Sublime like the LBC.

Lastly, Three20South has a unique musical collaboration group called The Willie Waldman Project. There is a good chance you have heard Willie’s trumpet on a song somewhere, on tracks from Snoop Dogg, Tu-Pac and others. Willie’s friend, Dave Aron, has been engineering for Snoop for about fifteen years and together, Dave and Willie have created countless songs and worked with a number of great artists. Willie plays trumpet in the Stephen Perkins’ jam band named Banyan which has toured here for years. Mike Watt on bass, Nels Cline on guitar and Norton Wisdom on his giant canvas are the usual suspects. Sometimes Dave plays clarinet or Dan Schulman of Garbage will come in on bass. Rob Wasserman, Calvin Newborn and Herman Green play some of the upcomming shows. There are many different members in what we call the “WWP” and each concert is different than the last.

Brian Jordan has always had a unique approach to making music, which is something that distinguishes him from most of today’s artists. Brian got his start performing original music via the Southern California underground rock scene with a band called “Daddy Longleggs”. This eclectic and unconventional band pulled some of the largest audiences to date for a local band. The need for growth saw the demise of this project as Brian Jordan subsequently began his national touring career. Throughout the Nineties, Brian recorded and toured with various international reggae artists as well keeping pace with the groove-jazz scene happening at home in San Diego. And through that home-town connection, Brian met up with Karl Denson. Brian began performing with “Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe” in April 1999. For over four years now, Brian has been helping KDTU keep the funk alive with his tasty, soulful and jazzy licks. Some of the pinnacles of Brian’s career have been performing with James Brown and Dave Mathews at a sold out Madison Square Garden show and jamming with Lenny Kravitz and KDTU late night at Tipatina’s Uptown in New Orleans. But, but the biggest highlight has been playing for all the music lovers throughout the world. Brian’s recordings reflect his varied and exciting adventures through the world of music. His trademark is being different, striking and good.

Exuding power and originality, drummer Tony Austin has been making music for more than 25 years, working with jazz luminaries such as, Billy Higgins and Charles Lloyd.  At 29, Austin is already one of the most recognized and sought-after drummers in Los Angeles.

Known for his versatility and dynamic performances, Austin plays the drums professionally in all styles of music.  He has shared his talents with a slew of popular artists and groups including Erikah Badu, Salvador Santana, John Avila (Oingo Boingo), Banyan, Rob Wasserman, The Calling, Charles Lloyd, The Monterey Jazz Festival All-Star Big Band, James Torme, and a number of producers and bands that span the globe.

Over the course of his creative journey, Austin has garnered a number of esteemed honors.  In 1996, Austin took home the Los Angeles Music Center “Spotlight Award” for Jazz Instrumental, marking the first time a drummer had ever won this competition.  He attended the California Institute of the Arts, where he earned a degree in music on the college’s highest awarded scholarship.  He was also awarded several Charles (Dolo) Coler scholarships

J D Westmoreland is a jazz composer and performer, born September 13, 1973 in Fairfield, California. Westmoreland is a multi-instrumentalist mostly playing improvisations and eclectic compositions. Earning a degree in Theory and Composition from the University of Memphis, Westmoreland showcased his talent as a composer being awarded the Smit Composition Award. Composition credits include string arrangements for Christian rock band Clear, North Mississippi Allstars (Polaris (2003)), and Beanpole. Session work includes Willy DeVille “Horse of a Different Color” where Westmoreland plays Tiples. 1992-93 Westmoreland was a member of touring percussion ensemble “Patoombah” performing on the 1993 HORDE TOUR. Forming an improvisation ensemble in 1994 “Delta Grass” w/ musician Beau Crouch, Westmoreland started a musical movement of constant change. Westmoreland worked as a member of Memphis rock/anti-pop band “BEAM” (1997-99). In 2000, Westmoreland released a solo CD consisting of many composition styles “SOON BE CROWS IN THE GARDEN”. The recording got 4 star reviews from Commercial Appeal writer Bill Ellis quote “Westmoreland covers more ground in 30 mins than most composers bother to do in a lifetime”. Westmoreland began to play bass in early 2000. In 2003, custom bass maker “Robwave” began to sponsor Westmoreland, later to design the “WESTMORELAND BASS”. JD Westmoreland began to play shows with jazz legend Herman Green, and touring with Willie Waldman. Westmoreland continued to do other styles of music, with Memphis favorite “MINIVAN BLUES BAND”. Minivan released debut recording “LIFELONG TURBULATION” which features two Westmoreland compositions, title track “Lifelong Turbulation”, and gypsy styled “Albino Trout”.

JD has been a fixture in the Memphis music scene for well over a decade. His abilities as a session player, composer, arranger, and live musician have reached near legendary status in a city teeming with legend and musical mystique. JD has the unique ability to play with musicians of all generations, genre, and notoriety. He has been the consummate “musician’s musician” yet remains forever humble and grounded. The world has yet to truly discover this young talent, yet so many have been influenced and touched by his spirit and raw talent. Simply put, if you are from Memphis, there is no way that you could not have seen or heard about this gentle giant. His best years are yet to come, and many will be touched by his light. This man has been blessed with talent only a rare few can claim or achieve.