Get your Trey On

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Get your Trey On

Get your Trey On
Trey Anastasio Band makes Intimate Colorado Stops on the Acoustic & Electric Winter Tour

By Erin Mahoney

Trey Anastasio is at it again. The unstoppable & formidable front man of Phish is taking to the road in February, only this time reuniting his classic TAB (Trey Anastasio Band) line-up. The band once again features Jennifer Hartswick (trumpet and vocals), Natalie Cressman (trombone and vocals), Russell Remington (tenor saxophone and flute), Ray Paczkowski (keyboards), Russ Lawton (drums) and Tony Markellis (bass and vocals).

The 12 dates start in Maine then zip down the coast with a few stops in MA, NY and PA. Then they zag across the mid-west to CO (yay!) and end up in California. It should also be noted that the only two date stand of this tour is in our fair state of Colorado on March 1 and 2, once again proving that the best place to be a Phish fan out west is right here.

Another Colorado bonus is they booked the shows at the Ogden, which only holds about 1300 people (the Ogden will also host Anastasio’s Phish band mate Mike Gordon on March 14). This will be an intimate show in Trey’s world. Fans in other cities have to reconcile seeing one of their favorite musicians at one of the most despised venues in their town (ahem, NYC and Terminal 5). It seems like every member of Phish really loves our state and wants to reward their fans here for putting up with tough to get tickets and few and far between shows with multiple night runs at beautiful locations and venues throughout our state.

The Acoustic and Electric Tour Winter Tour is just what it sounds like. Trey will perform a solo acoustic set each night before the rest of the band joins him on state for the electric portion of the show. Anyone who is walking into a TAB show expecting 20-minute grooves and ambient jams will be (pleasantly/unpleasantly…insert your own adjective here) surprised to hear a full on balls to the wall horn section sharing the groove with keys, bass, drums, flute and, of course, Trey’s guitar. One of the only things missing for this particular TAB fan is the percussion that Cyro Baptista provided in the earlier years of TAB. But if you don’t know what you are missing…well, I guess you just won’t miss it. TAB’s beats are uplifting with fresh and fun vocals that leave your hips shaking and your ears wanting more. There are sentimental slower songs, which Trey loves to play, but one would imagine they would stay contained to the acoustic set. When it comes to the electric portion of the evening get ready to strap on your burlap sack and pumps to get down to the funky grooves that Jen and the esteemed horn section will provide for your dancing pleasure. Trey really shines (seriously, no pun intended here) in this element and he usually ends up dancing right along with you while on stage. It is great to see TAB back in action and Trey having fun with what he does best once again.

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