Town of Telluride approves Phish for August shows

Apr 4, 2010 by

The Mayor and his Town Council amended resolution 11-420 (no joke) and unanimously approved the Phish shows, effectively clearing the way for the town to extend an invitation for the band to play two shows in Telluride on August 9th & 10th.

Per the meeting, the tentative showtime is 6 pm with a curfew of 11 pm, and the band would have to pay $100 for every minute they go over. Pretty sure they can afford it. Plus 1,500 tickets would be made available for locals to see the show. Head over to for ZZYZX’s play-by-play notes on the Town Council meeting.

Now, the big question remains: will the band accept the invitation?

And perhaps even more importantly, with a rumored 70% of lodging already sold out and 1,500 tickets per night going to local residents, how hard is gonna be to score tickets if they do accept?

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