STS9’s Axe the Cables is now available

Jan 6, 2010 by

You may remember that STS9 chose the Denver area’s Wells Fargo Theater as the locale for their most recent New Year’s Eve run. You also may remember that on the chilly evening of the 29th, they sat down in Gates Hall, a pristine modern opera houses at the University of Denver, to create the inaugural “Axe The Cables… An Evening of STS9″.

What the night encompassed was one of, if not the most flawless STS9 event in the bands decade plus history.  The entire show was played, for the most part, sans all “electric” gear including the common stage instrumentation of laptops our fans have grown quite accustomed to.

The crowd wore suits and behaved as if they were going to the opera and the night took on a life of it’s own. To say the event was a hit is an understatement.  It was a night legends are made of.  So much so the band has decided to re-cut, re-mix, and re-master this into one massive release.

“Axe the Cables” is available NOW on STS9’s ever-exploding record label 1320 RECORDS

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