FGF is going on tour… say goodbye at Finnegan’s

Feb 23, 2010 by

This year’s final Stereo Assassins and FGF shows this week at Finnegan’s

Well it’s probably not the last shows of 2010, but since the calendar in most of our heads goes by ski seasons, these are the last shows of the year.

Here’s the skinny… tonight, Stereo Assassins play their last funk party at Finnegan’s in Avon. It seems like it all went so quickly, but what started out as Jenna’s Birthday Band in October has exploded many people’s favorite night of the week in the Vail Valley. Every Tuesday since then, members of Frogs Gone Fishin’, Laughing Bones and Velcro Sneakers have gotten together and won over hundreds of locals who come out to dance, drink and have a good time. And no joke, somehow each week brings a steady ratio of girls and guys, something absolutely unheard of in a ski town. I attribute it to the fact that they lay down some of the funkiest licks around covering all of your favorite songs and even adding in some new ones like their soon to be legendary funky brownies. Oh wait, the legendary funky brownies are at New Hope Wellness in Edwards, where they have some of the best medicine to smoke or eat in the state (shameless plug for our calendar sponsor). Oh, and that good-looking Ben Koelker guy definitely doesn’t hurt – he’s single ladies so head down to Finnegans and dance in the front row for him.

Then, on Friday the 26th, Frogs Gone Fishin’ takes the same stage and plays their final show before embarking on a national tour taking them to places like Chicago, St. Louis, Illinois and of course the music mecca of Iowa. Their tour will end up in April in New Orleans… see you at JazzFest!!!!

There will be more on FGF on Friday, but for now I urge you to stop by Finnegan’s tonight and have some fun.

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