Cultivation: The Seeds of New Colorado Music

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Within each issue of Mousike, you will find profiles on four Colorado based bands that are contributing their original styles to a live music scene that many consider to be the best in the world. Generally, each band included in Cultivation have been around for less than five years but we here at Mousike believe that they have the talent to achieve great success in Colorado and beyond for many years to come.

In a past edition of Cultivation, Mousike writer Jenna Stecker predicted, “…Head for the Hills seems poised to break to the front of the modern bluegrass movement.” This summer, HFTH has been tapped to open up for none other than David Grisman for several shows. Mousike congratulates HFTH and we know that their talent and passion will continue to bring them more successes in the future.

For Issue 10, Stecker has brought Mousike’s readers a great selection of singer songwriters, hip-hop, blues, pop, country and bluegrass to read about with Kinetix, Fatima Lily, Boxcar Daisies and Missed the Boat. Enjoy!

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Denver, CO

It’s been almost 5 years since Adam Lufkin (rhythm guitar/vocals), Eric Blumenfeld (keys/vocals), Jordan Linit (lead guitar), Jack Gargan (drums), Josh Fairman (bass) created the Denver based Kinteix. 5 years of rocking the Colorado music scene and beyond. In fact they just came out with their third studio release “Let Me In”. “This time around we said ‘Fuck it.’ and went balls to the wall.” says  Lufkin.

Recorded in Blasting Room Studios Ft. Collins, “Let Me In” was released May 11th. On the 13th Kinetix hosted a CD release party at the Bluebird Theater in Denver with The Fox Street Allstars(Cultivation, Issue 9) opening. “Let Me In” brings Kinetix usual combination of Rock and Hip Hop with just enough Pop sprinkled on top to make their hooks sink into your brain. Listening to the tracks off this album you are consistently reminded of Kinetix live performances: Fun, high energy, party songs. Neatly orchestrated and tightly woven, every member playes his part and adds his respective flavor to each track.

Over the years each member’s individual roles have evolved and melded to create Kinetix original music and sound. Lufkin explains, “Lyrically, on our past two albums [the writing was done] primarily by myself and Eric. However, everyone would always help write the arrangements and bring the songs to life. Sometimes someone comes up with a lick and then Eric or I would add lyrics or maybe some other part to the song. With “Let Me In” we took more of a team approach, both lyrically and musically. Eric and I brought our songs to the table as well as the rest of the group, but instead of playing the songs that one way, we’d cut the parts we felt weren’t needed or if there wasn’t a clear message in the songs we’d rewrite them until everyone agreed they were finished.” Jordan Lint adds, “When we started, we were 5 guys that got together to play each other’s songs. Over the years we have culminated a sound that is a seamless combination of our 5 unique musical fingerprints. Now, our sound is so much tighter and our message much clearer.”

That indeed seems to be the case as Kinetix has secured a spot at the now-on-hiatus 10,000 Lakes Festival in Minnesota for the last 4 years running. Festival goers not to worry as the boys have easily slid over to Wakarusa’s lineup this year along with Cultivation’s other band this issue, Missed the Boat. If your travel plans include Arkansas this summer make sure to cruise by Kinetix show and give your Colorado Cultivation support!

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Fatima Lily
Boulder, CO

As I listen to Fatima Lily’s album for the first time, many influences become apparent: Sade, Sara McGlaughlin, Erika Badu. No matter who you think of when you hear one of her songs, you are able to discern the scope of this fledgling talent.

Playing everything from piano to bass guitar, as well as mixing and producing all her own tracks, Fatima uses a Midi to transform her piano to any instrument she needs. From that standpoint her music could be considered electronic. However with bluesy, R&B roots and a light pop coating, Fatima is a nice combination of surface and soul. While Fatima says that during production of her “First Album” there were, “No boys allowed!” she is trying to extend beyond the boundries of her solo performances. “I am a one woman show at the moment,” she says, “[I am] looking for professional players to play gigs of my own repertoire.”

However she maintains that her focus is writing thought provoking songs. “If someone can connect and relate to one of my songs, that means the world to me.” She continues, “My main theme I guess is always a heartfelt one. Life, relationships and love. I try to have a round about moral to every story. If I am broken in one part of the song I try to get my head fixed by the end and stay strong, even in my blues!”

With her “First Album” out and boasting a extensive 24 tracks it can be easy to get lost and distinguish what tracks really define Fatima’s sound and her as an artist. My personal favorites come from the top of the que. “A E I Oh, You” is a smokey, sultry end-of-love song and then flipping the coin “Anything for You” follows, a pop-ish yearning love song. Whichever song of Fatima’s you find hits the spot, look forward to hearing more from this talented singer/songwriter.

To browse a list of 59 Fatima Lily originals and to find your favorite go to


Missed the Boat
Steamboat Springs, CO

After a few loose jams at a local bar’s open mic night, band members Ryan Cox (guitar/vocals), Pat Waters(drums), Peter Hall(Harps) and Andrew Henry(Mando/ Banjo) realized they had something  together. Quickly moving from house parties to playing the bar scene in Steamboat, Missed the Boat added Bryan Joyce on bass in 2008 and began regularly touring throughout Colorado adding national dates as well, establishing them solidly in the Colorado music circuit.

On the rise, Missed the Boat has landed a spot on the Revival stage at this year’s Wakarusa through a regional battle of the bands. On a local note, Missed the Boat is also performing at Realm Fest’s Campout for a Cause II at Rancho del Rio this July.

MTB’s first album “Rollin” was recorded in just two days in Chicago which goes to show that time doesn’t always dictate success. “We worked with a great producer Davey Riley,” says Ryan Cox. “As it was our first studio release, Davey really helped us keep our noses to the grindstone and crank out a phenomenal record in a very short period of time.” Rollin went on to be nominated in four categories for the 2010 Grammys including best new song for “On the Road”. Other nominations were Best New Artist, Best New Country Song, and Best Country Song. “Which we don’t really consider our music to be quite Country, but its a Grammy, we’ll take it!” laughs Cox.

People that have followed MTB since it’s inception in 2008 will be pleased to note that they have an as-yet-untitled sophomore album set for release sometime this summer. Cox is looking forward to the album’s release saying, “We are recording it here in Steamboat Springs at First String Music, and we have taken a much more spread out approach in terms of the recording process. We have planned more studio time and more time in between recording sessions, which has allowed us to really explore every song, think about it, and build it instrumentally. Our upcoming album, while staying true to the Missed the Boats roots, also has a little bit of a different feel with some hints of reggae, great bluesy harp sounds, and plenty of other surprises– no one wants to hear the same record twice!”

If you make the choice to travel to Steamboat Springs, Rancho Del Rio or any other Colorado town this summer make sure it coincides with one of their shows. Don’t miss the boat!

Visit for MTB’s summer tour dates


Boxcar Daisies
Minturn, CO

What would you expect  if you went to see a show from a band named Boxcar Daisies? I say just listen. KT Homes and Elli Gauthier say it’s best to drop all expectations. KT says, “We both write on our own time and in collaboration. Love and travel, love and travel, love and travel. Really what else is there? It’s all about love for life.” Well then, I guess I maybe could expect to hear at least one song about love or maybe one about travel?

Formed just over a year ago via Craigslist, the two girls have been co writing songs alongside the railroad tracks of Minturn ever since. When I asked what kind of music they considered their work to be, the girls say, “Sort of folky, singer-songwriter with a handful of sawdust.”

In my opinion, the girls inadvertently hit the nail on the head describing their sound when they explain how they came up with the name Boxcar Daisies. “A lot of our music is based on travel and a rather nomadic dusty rough around the edges sort of lifestyle. But then there is a femininity there [also].”   Silky sweet harmonies dominate the Daisies’ “rough-around-the-edges-yet-feminine” sound.

Unaware they were opening for a band I went to go see some months back, the Daisies stopped me in mid stride with their blended vocals. And if adding a Guitar, a 5 string Banjo to the sateen voices weren’t enough, you might be able to find a Harmonica, a Washtub Bass, and even a Musical Saw.

If you  haven’t picked up the girls first album “River Song”, which is a self proclaimed, “Little rough [yet] made with love project.” you might be able to find them in their Minturn home away from home Kirby Cosmos. “[Kirby’s] has the best vibe, best mac-n-cheese, and it’s ironic because it’s a BBQ joint and we are both pretty much vegetarians.  It’s got a great little stage and nice people that like to have a good time!” says KT.

In order to experience the Minturn created, railroad tracks inspired female duo, The Boxcar Daisies, look them up online at


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